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Ben Constanty
Ben ConstantyCEO at The Blox
Finally, a decentralized Substack!
Fabien Ferreira
Fabien FerreiraLe Shot
Writing is now a pleasure and my content is safe. I can't wait to see what's next!
Mickaël Canu
Mickaël CanuCEO at Ternoa
Honestly, every content creator should use Airpen. It's a no-brainer when dealing with large audiences.
Vincent Porquet
With Airpen, we can now focus on what we do best: creating games.
Nathann Zenou
Nathann ZenouCEO of Arcad3
Airpen help us building our community and feel closer to our players
Igor Makushinsky
Igor MakushinskyLawyerd! CEO
No more Medium, we moved to Airpen for a better alignment with our values!

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Our AI is doing researches for you on the web, find the best sources of informations and learns from them to generate a unique sourced article

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Publish content only accessible when readers buy access to it. Create new revenue streams and build audience loyalty

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Reward your readers for sharing your content. Grow your audience and increase your revenue with our referral program.

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Get tips from your readers. Let them support you and your work. 100% of the tips go to you.

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True content ownership

We believe that content creators should own their content. We use partnered with Arweave to store your content on the permaweb, for ever.


Boost your audience

Add our email forms to your articles and grow your audience without efforts. We will send your readers notifications when you publish new content.


Newsletters-like notifications

We send your publications to all your audience by email in seconds. No more spam filters, no more lost emails.


AI-powered features

We use AI to help you write better content. Get content ideas in seconds ! We will also recommend the content that best fits to you.


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