5 Third-party Applications to Help You Sell More on Amazon in 2023

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated processes have taken the world by storm. If your business continues to rely on manual processes, you’re missing a wonderful opportunity to maximize profits and cut costs.

While you’ve got your head buried in paperwork, entrepreneurs who have automated are out looking for new business.


You don’t have to invest much to fully automate routine (and not-so-routine) tasks. Innovative third-party applications can revolutionize your business, freeing resources and saving you money.

There’s an application or platform for every mundane task. Most are cloud-based and available 24/7, so you can view and interact with your business day and night from anywhere in the world.

“All it takes is a careful evaluation of your business processes. Then find third-party Amazon applications to help streamline processes and expand your business onto new horizons”

Importance of Using Third-Party Applications to Increase Sales on Amazon

In this blog, you’ll find out how Helium 10, Eva, HelloTax, WAPI, and Margin Business can help automate, enhance and streamline key aspects of your business.  Expand your business to new horizons with these Amazon sellers’ platforms.

Helium 10

Amazon sellers using Helium 10, have a full set of innovative tools designed to boost sales and streamline operations. The Helium 10 software aims to maximize product visibility, maintain ideal inventories, and help you track and improve profitability.

🚀 Key Features of H10

  • Product research – Find profitable products to sell more on Amazon. Analyze market trends, customer demand, and competitor information to find high-potential products
  • Keyword research – Relevant and profitable keywords should form the foundation of your optimization strategy. It’s the keywords that bring the traffic.
  • Listing optimization – Optimize your product titles, descriptions, and images with a full range of optimization tools.
  • Inventory management – track inventory levels and forecast demand to ensure optimal stock levels. Plan for seasonal trends and make the most of the buying seasons.
  • Refund tracker – ensure that you receive all the money due to you. With Helium 10 you can track Amazon returns and reimbursements.
  • Marketing – Create landing pages and track your Amazon advertising campaigns
  • Financial Tracking – keep track of your sales and expenses. Make informed business decisions to maximize profitability.

🚀 How Helium 10 Can Help Sellers Optimize Product Listings and Increase Sales

More than 2 million e-commerce brands, entrepreneurs, and agencies use Helium 10. Amazon sellers use the software to understand the market, gain product visibility, and track profits.  It’s all about making informed decisions for the benefit of your business.

You can use Helium 10 as a stand-alone application or as a Chrome extension. From finding the most profitable products to attracting customers and tracking finances, Helium 10 has it all.


Amazon Specialists EVA offers Amazon Sellers optimization and competitive intelligence powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It provides real-time dynamic pricing for profit optimization.

It restocks and reprices Amazon products using real-time information about thousands of products. The software avoids stock shortages through careful price management. It also tracks and settles Buy Box suppressions.

🚀 Key Features of Eva

  • Dynamic repricing – increase your sales and profits. EVA promises to create customized pricing for its The AI-driven EVA software examines competitor pricing, sales trends, and inventory levels to determine the best product prices.
  • Realtime advertising analytics – enhance campaign performance with real-time data. Segmented reports ensure a deep understanding of what’s working and what isn’t for advanced decision-making.
  • Manage your inventory – tracked inventory levels ensure you never run out of stock. The software calculates the right time to replenish your Amazon stock based on AI forecast sales
  • Control Amazon discounts with the EVA sale price feature
  • View sales, expenses, profit, and inventory on the dashboard – The software helps sellers identify the most profitable products and when to replenish them.
  • AI monitors Amazon reimbursements – ensuring that sellers receive all the refunds d

🚀 How Eva Can Help Sellers Automate and Streamline Customer Service

More than 2,500 clients have streamlined operations and optimized their prices using EVA AI technology. EVA software automates pricing and advertising decisions, ensuring that you’re always ahead of the game.

It checks Amazon fees and reimbursements to ensure you don’t pay more than you should. These features, along with dynamic pricing, keep adding profits to the bottom line. EVA is also an approved Amazon carrier.


Navigating cross-border tax legislation is no joke. HelloTax provides online businesses with tax compliance services like VAT registration and filing.

HelloTax also offers international tax consulting compliance services. Efficient software solutions help to automate your tax accounting. Automation reduces the time and effort needed to manage your international tax obligations.

🚀 HelloTax Key Features

  • EU Vat registration and filing – accomplished online or through local accountants.
  • Satisfy all European VAT filings from a single country
  • VAT automation software – deadlines and information from all European countries at your fingertips.
  • Export all files, returns, and declarations – to use on spreadsheets or other accounting software
  • Dedicated account manager and local tax accountants – Users can consult with HelloTax accountants as part of the service
  • Consolidated reports – useful for surveying overall business performance
  • Analyze turnover and inventory movements in each of your European markets – compare market performance
  • Multi-user accounts – share information with your employees
  • Multi-channel support – consolidate and compare results across all supported channels

🚀 How HelloTax Can Help Sellers Automate and Manage Tax Compliance

HelloTax integrates with most marketplaces and tools like Shopify, Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, Cdiscount, and Magento. The system is simple. Integrate your sales system and upload your transactions. Then,  the automated VAT system will verify the information and detect VAT.

HelloTax automatically calculates the tax based on the sales location, reducing the risk of errors. It tracks product movements and threshold limits, automatically updating tax rates.

The tax letter inbox processes and translates incoming tax correspondence. The AI-based software extracts task and deadline data. Then, it automatically passes the information onto the dashboard.


Are you considering global expansion?

WAPI can help you to expand your business into new markets. WAPI has the warehousing and distribution infrastructure to ensure that your sold products reach your customers on time.

They distribute goods across Europe and the USA. Integrate your systems to the WAPI API system for tracking visibility. Then move your stock into their warehouses and start selling.

🚀 Features of WAPI

  • Order Fulfillment – WAPI has seven fulfillment warehouses across the European continent. They offer customers fully automated 3PL fulfillment They will deliver to 50 European countries within two days. Use the WAPI dashboard to track your sales KPIs and fill your orders.
  • 24/7 access to cloud-based software – access your data any time and from any place
  • Final-mile delivery
  • Amazon preparation – save money on storage with WAPI warehousing. Send your products in small volumes to the Amazon warehouses, storing the bulk at WAPI warehouses across Europe. WAPI will also ensure that your parcel labeling is Amazon-compliant.

🚀 How WAPI Can Improve Customer Service and Save Costs

WAPI is a fully-fledged courier aggregator, partnering with major distributors across Europe and the USA. They deliver quality on-time services at competitive rates. Your business can enjoy economies of scale with WAPI.

WAPI already does business with more than 1,000 e-commerce businesses.

Margin Business

Margin Business has helped Amazon sellers to expand into Europe and speak to their customers in their own language for more than a decade. This is no large impersonal agency.

The team knows and understands its customers’ needs. Margin Business takes a personal interest in helping Amazon sellers to grow their businesses.

🚀 The Key Features of Margin Business

  • Localized keyword optimization – the Margin team consists of native language speakers, located across Europe. Use their local knowledge to find the keywords that will draw customer attention to your product or service.
  • Amazon content localization and optimization – The Margin team incorporates copywriters and native translators. Carefully targeted content in the language of the customer boosts traffic and conversions, growing sales
  • Localized Amazon PPC campaigns – from creation to translation, Margin Business offers customers the complete package
  • Amazon A+ Content – Get assistance with your Amazon A+ content creation. Make the best of your Amazon listings and enjoy the benefits of higher traffic and conversions
  • Multilingual customer services – Find out why customers return items. Reduce your cost of returns by 50% with improved customer knowledge and service.

🚀 How Margin Business Can Help Sellers to Grow Amazon Sales Through Optimized that Listings and Advertising

Margin Business employs qualified translators to ensure that your work isn’t just translated, it is localized. Localized content incorporates local customs and idiosyncrasies, helping your listing up the ranks. The company specializes in growing Amazon businesses in Europe.