DAO Member Exploration Campaign

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What is a Member Exploration Campaign?

Member Experience (MX) Design is a sister discipline of the User Experience Design (UX). It consists into making sure that our DAO delivers the maximum value to its members. From Discovery to Onboarding, to Projects, to Rewards and sometimes Goodbye.

As Web3 Island Makers is completing its first big OKR cycle from November 2022 to April 2023, it’s time to enter a new cycle. The community will have new goals, new projects…

Before diving into these OKRs it is mandatory that we proceed to an internal review of our own motivations for the next months:

  • What is the current perception of Web3 Island Makers from its own members?
  • How can we make their experience better?
  • What do Makers of this community want to achieve in the coming months?
  • What support can the Web3 Island Makers provide?
  • What support can they provide to Web3 Island Makers?

Thanks to the answers of these questions, the OKRs will be easier to craft and the alignment for next months will be powerful.

Expected deliverables

  • A member journey map, like the example down below, very common in UX Design:
  • A prioritized list of targets
  • A prioritized list of projects
Customer Journey map - UX design
Customer Journey map - UX design


To gather as much feedback possible, we are going to use qualitative and quantitative data:

Online survey

This online survey will be shared with all our members 👉 LINK

It follows the PMF framework to start from evaluating general attachement, to identifying relevant improvements.

PMF survey applied to DAO Member exploration
PMF survey applied to DAO Member exploration

Live interview

Interviews will be held for 2 weeks. Format: video conference with 1 Maker x 2 Shapers. Book your slot down below 👉 HERE

Thanks in advance to all members who will take part in this campaign, we truly believe that we can achieve great things all together. Let's seek alignment and then rock it!! 🤘